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projects + sketches

a repository of current and completed works, and initial bits of
synthesis which may get developed, or may remain as the hints
of an idea, possibility or quality.
They lie here, in gestation...waiting...

When I See Red [2007]

in collaboration with Caroline Zakrisson. an active spatial
installation that begins a performance of gradual destruction
when observed by occupants wearing red.


Indefinite Memory [2006-ongoing]

highly abstracted neural models are used to explore
the effects of spatial distribution and density on the
qualitative nature of the system's memory. this is initially
investigated through computer simulation.


Origin of Modelling [2006-ongoing]

a re-construction of the scene described in book XXXV of Pliny's
'The Natural History' in which three-dimensional form is
conceived from the trace of a shadow. the project speculates
on the potentials of using a dynamic light source.


Kielder Residency [2003-ongoing]

a sixteen*(makers) project. the awarding of the UK's first
'architectural residency' has resulted in speculations about
adaptive objects responding to an environment of perpetually
changing conditions.


Diffusion Generator [2005 - ongoing]

a proboscis project. a web based application to facilitate public
authoring using the eBooks format.



Blusher [2001]

a sixteen* (makers) project. an invitation from the Crafts Council
to participate in 'Making Buildings' led to the construction of
'Blusher' specifically for the exhibition.


Shorting the Automation Circuit [StAC] [2000]

a sixteen* (makers) project. an instrument, made using the
fused-deposition modelling process, temporarily re-established
a practice of observation within a redundant observatory.


Isobel's Treehouse [2002]

in collaboration with Stephen Gage.



Memory of Space [1998]

objects carried by occupants become familiar with certain
qualities of spaces of habituation. a visited space contains
environmental modulators which, through communication with
the 'proxy' objects, re-construct these qualities for the occupant.