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05/05/09 Phil will be joining the faculty of The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in Copenhagen. His position as Adjunkt will begin 1st August 2009. The post combines teaching and research in equal measure to be conducted in Department 2 and CITA respectively.
01/05/09 55/02 will shipped to, and installed on site later this month. A project file will be posted on this site soon to complement the sixteen*(makers) entry which can be seen here.
25/04/09 Phil has been awarded a PhD in Architecture for his thesis Adopting an Adaptive Architecture: enlisting digital technologies for the aquisition of local specificty over time. The public defence took place on the 23rd April at Arkitektskolen Aarhus, Denmark. The thesis was unanimously recommended to the School Board by the examination committee. More info regarding the thesis can be found here.
22/04/09 The new sixteen*(makers) website has now been launched!

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05/09 The latest sixteen*(makers) project 55/02 is due for completion in May. Continuing our involvement with the Kielder landscape, the shelter contributes to the already blurred distinction between the natural and the artificial that we have examined during our residency, work of which can be found here.


30/03 - 07/04/09 Phil will be running a workshop at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture,Copenhagen with second year students tutored by Bartlett alumni Ben Clement & Sebastian de la Cour. Ben and Sebastian have been making quite an impact on the art & architecture scene in Copenhagen recently with highly crafted narratives explored through highly crafted constructs. Visit BenandSebastian.com for more info.
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Phil will be giving a lecture at the Design Skolen Kolding, Denmark. The lecture will examine notions of active time-based change within the built environment, drawing on built examples, installations, together with speculative propositions. There will be a particular focus on light as the active medium.
03/03/08 Design work has begun in earnest on a new chapter of sixteen*(makers) involvement with Kielder...more details to follow soon. Previous work can be found here
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Phil will be giving a lecture at the Chelsea College of Art & Design, London as part of the iSD Spaces & Narrations Lecture Series . The lecture, entitled: 'exercises in persistent modelling - or -
reasons why I love the digital, but can't give up the analogue', will explore issues of representation, fabrication, and interaction through the lens of his current PhD research.
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The Presence of Absence: Materiality and Beyond [copenhagen, denmark]
Organised by Mikkel Bille, Tim Flohr Sorensen and Frida Hastrup in collaboration with University of Copenhagen, The Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, The Danish Research School of Cultural Heritage and Graduate School of Regional Studies, this two day seminar explores relations between the material and immaterial.
Phil will be presenting a paper entitled 'the representation of absence & the absence in representation', which draws on his research into the way digital technologies are changing the relationship between representation & represented.
03/12/07 The special double-issue of the journal Kybernetes is now available online. Guest edited by Ranulph Glanville, this issue explores the relationship between design and cybernetics. Phil's contribution presents the conceptual underpinning to the project 'The Origin of Modelling'. The paper bears the same title. Visit the journal website for further details.
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A special double-issue of the journal Kybernetes will be published in October. Guest edited by Ranulph Glanville, this issue explores the relationship between design and cybernetics. Phil's contribution presents the conceptual underpinning to the project 'The Origin of Modelling'. The paper bears the same title.
25/09/07 A new year at the Bartlett begins. Unit 14 will be presenting its agenda for the year, later today.
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The 'architectural drawing' will be explored in a three week workshop at the Aarhus School of Architecture, Denmark. Guest tutors will include Karl Normanton of AHMM. For more details go to
Learning > Workshops > Aarhus_2007 > AiD-DiA.
04/09/07 The Aarhus School drawing workshop begins this week, Thursday 6th, and continues until Tuesday 25th. The workshop will be documented daily here: Learning > Workshops > Aarhus_2007 > AiD-DiA.

The opening lecture will be given by special guest Karl Normanton. Karl will also be tutoring for the first week.
17/08/07 Site update:
Second iteration models incorporating time-varying thresholds and fatigue have been developed and added to Projects > Current > Indefinite Memory.

More papers are now available in Research > Papers.
07/07/07 Site update:
Unit 14 page now availble in Learning > Bartlett > Current > Unit 14. Includes images from the
end-of-year show.
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Bartlett Show
The yearly opportunity to view - lasts one week only.
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Stephen Gage will be talking about 'Cybernetics and Design' at the Cybernetics Society, London.
This will be followed by presentations of post-graduate design projects by various unit 14 students.
24/04/07 Site update:
Papers now available in Research.
Kielder Residency
has been updated in Projects. Now includes project movies and images from the exhibition 'Assembling Adaptation'.
21/03/07 Pecha Kucha comes to Copenhagen!
Phil has been invited to give the 20x20 presentation format a go at DAC next wednesday.
See *event horizon below for more details.
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Pecha Kucha evening - Dansk Arkitektur Center [DAC], Copenhagen.
16/03/07 A new active spatial installation opens tomorrow as part of the 150th Charlottenborg Spring show, Copenhagen, Denmark.
When I See Red has been produced in collaboration with Caroline Zakrisson.
Project details can be found in Projects > Current.
17/03/07 - 09/04/07
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150th Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition, Copenhagen, Denmark.
This is the annual open exhibition held at the home of the Royal Danish Academy of Art.
09/02/07 The Interactive Architecture Workshop has returned from the international jury and symposium at Eyebeam. It was a great success. Special thanks to Ruairi Glynn for organising the event, and
Prof. Stephen Gage for two days of hosting.
For more information and images of the events check out Ruairi's blog -
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Unit 14 will be venturing across the pond to New York for a two day international jury and symposium taking place at Eyebeam. Work-in-progress will be presented by Unit 14 together with students from Parsons and other architecture and interaction design schools in New York. The event concludes on Friday evening with public keynote presentations and round table discussion.
More details to follow.
07/01/07 Happy New Year!

This coming week is the last opportunity to see the sixteen*(makers) exhibition, Assembling Adaptation at the Building Centre, London. The exhibition closes on Wednesday 9th.

A two-day symposium held on 25/26 January and hosted by Eyebeam in New York has been organised by Unit 14 and Parsons. Phil will be speaking at the public event on the Friday evening.
See *event horizon below for more details.
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sixteen*(makers) has been invited to exhibit the first phases of the Kielder Residency project at the Building Design Centre, Store Street, London.
The exhibition, titled 'Assembling Adaptation', will present the development of the project. Expect plenty of digital and analogue explorations, prototypes and site studies. Opens 4th december.
09/11/06 A new project is underway. Using highly abstracted neural models, 'Indefinite Memory' will explore the effects of spatial distribution and density on the qualitative nature of the system's memory.

Chris Leung - friend, dynamic systems supremo, master chef, and fellow collaborator in sixteen*(makers) has a new web presence. There is no doubt this site will become a major reference point for those interested in the theoretical under-pinning and synthesis of responsive systems.
30/10/06 Kielder Residency project appears in UCL news. Click here to link.

'Assembling Adaptation' , a sixteen*(makers) exhibition opens at the Building Center [4th Dec].
see *event horizon for more details.
27/10/06 Freelance journalist, Will Jones, has written an article on the Kielder Residency project. It has been published in the November issue of Blueprint magazine.

Site update: A new area has appeared in Projects. Sketches will act as a repository for those initial bits of synthesis which are sometimes developed, and other times just remain as the hint of a idea, possibility, quality. They will lie here in gestation...waiting.
Additions to projects - Origin of Modelling
05-06/10/06 Presention of paper titled 'Complexity from the Ordinary' at the conference 'Complexity of the Ordinary', The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Copenhagen, Denmark.
The paper explores notions of emergent complexity as an architectural strategy. This is examined through work conducted in the Kielder Residency. see www.scarch.dk for details.
22/09/06 sixteen*(makers) to exhibit Kielder Residency project at the Building Design Center, London.
see *event horizon below for more details.

A new project being developed for the phd has commenced. Titled 'Origin of Modelling' it will create a variation on the scene decsribed by Pliny the Elder in Book XXXV of his 'The Natural History'. The scene will be played out continuously over time.
a more detailed description will appear soon in Projects > Current

Site update: Additions to projects - Isobel's Treehouse, Diffusion Generator and Kielder Residency.
09/06 New project on the way! This will be developed specifically for the PhD.
07/09/06 Lecture to be given at the 'Mobility Seminar', Arkitektskolen i Aarhus, Denmark
21/08/06 - 04/09/06 Kielder site installation. First elements to be installed - intensive [temperature, pyranometric] and geometric [photogrammetry] surveying regime begins.
28/08/06 Site update! First pages are now accessible. These include StAC and Blusher in Projects; PhD in Research; CV/Contact. Navigate to them from the homepage [start - bottom left].
More to come soon...


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