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Phil gained his first degree in architecture from University Greenwich in 1995.
In 1998 he received his Diploma from the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, after which he was promptly employed as a research assistant. As a full-time lecturer he acted as Director of Computing, Co-ordinator of the CADCAM facility, and Unit 14 tutor together with Prof. Stephen Gage and James O'Leary. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Denmark.

A self-taught computer programmer, skilled machinist and maker, he embraces the increasingly complementary worlds of the digital and the analogue. His teaching and research allow him to bridge the realms of representation, fabrication and interaction, and feed into his interest of developing exploratory design techniques that are often computer mediated, but always lead to physical output.


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Academic Record:

Pre-Diploma and Post-Graduate Diploma in Architecture
Unit 14 - Stephen Gage/Pete Silver (tutors)
Speculations into the possibilities of embedded intelligence within the built environment.
Ranulph Glanville as Technical Thesis tutor - 'Cybernetics and Boundaries'

BA(hons) Architecture (First).


Lecturer (2004-2005, full-time)
College Teacher (1999-2004, part-time)
Research Assistant (1998-1999, full-time)

Roles Held:

Director of Computing.
Role includes co-ordination of teaching (both formal classes (Bsc Architecture module ENVS2222), and open classes), procurement of hardware and software

Year 5 Advanced Architectural Design technical thesis supervisor, specialising in CAD/CAM technologies.

Coordinator of combined Electronics and CAD/CAM Laboratory.

London Technology Network Business Fellow for the Bartlett Faculty

Software Developer of faculty wide Content Management System (intranet).

Research Fellow on the TOWER project (Bartlett Graduate School)

First year Bsc Architecture design tutor

Workshop tutor

Research assistant to Professor Stephen Gage
Two year research programme exploring passive ventilation for urban contexts.
Fabrication of full scale working prototypes.
Testing and performance analysis of numerous prototypes both within an urban context and under controlled conditions at BRE Garston.
Presentation of work at the 'Top Down Symposium' (1999).

Practice specialising in high specification refurbishment.
Projects include: Moro restaurant, exmouth market
Soho House, dean street


2007 150th Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition (copenhagen, denmark)
'When I See Red', an active spatial installation produced in collaboration with Caroline Zakrisson.

2006 Assembling Adaptation. Lauchpad Gallery, Building Centre (london, uk)
sixteen*(makers) solo show presenting the latest results from the Kielder Residency.

2005 Finding Fluid Form. Brighton School of Architecture (uk)
Invited to exhibit work-in-progress. (Mette Ramsgard Thomsen)

2004 UNIT 14 - Architecture Machines. Bartlett School of Architecture (bloomsbury, london)
Exhibition of current work in progress, including speculative building projects, 1:1 prototypes, animations and interactive installations.

2004 Digital Fabricators. Cambridge Galleries (waterloo, canada)
sixteen*(makers) exhibit the fuse-deposition sensor object from the 'Shorting the Automation Circuit' project.

2003 Material Intelligence. Entwistle Gallery (cork street, london)
sixteen*(makers) exhibit a variation of the 'Blusher'.

2003 Intimacy - Beyond Media. Stazione Leopolda (florence, italy)
sixteen*(makers) exhibit part of a design interface that gathers local environmental data for the real-time manipulation of CAD designs.

2001 Making Buildings. Multiple Venues (uk)
A Crafts Council touring exhibition of invited works exploring issues of craft.
sixteen*(makers) exhibit the 'Blusher', a responsive installation incorporating embedded sensing and actuation, and fabricated using CNC technologies.

1998 Meme Machine. ICA (london)
Responsive installation exploring how a space might read habitual behaviours of occupants and replay these through environmental modulations of light and sound.

1997 The Turing Table. Crowbar (exmouth market, london)
State machine installation by Unit 14. An interactive system that responded to levels of occupancy and the state of neighbouring system elements.

Residencies / Workshops:

2003-2007 sixteen*(makers) awarded the first architecture residency at Kielder, Northumbria, UK, funded by The Art & Architecture Partnership.

2006 'Time To Behave'. The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Copenhagen (denmark)
CITA 2 [Mette Ramsgard Thomsen]
One week workshop introducing notions of sensing, control and actuation in relation to physically constructed spatial propositions.

2005 'An Architectural Operetta'. Institut fur Entwerfen ,Innsbruck (austria)
Studio 3 [Volker Giencke]
Ten day workshop run by Prof. Stephen Gage and Phil Ayres exploring and constructing full scale responsive environments.

1998 'A Christmas Architecture'. Arkitektskolen Aarhus (denmark)
Consultant on a two week workshop between UNIT 14 and DEPARTEMENT V [Svein Tonsager/Chris Thurlbourne] resulting in two exhibitions of interactive work by students.

Lectures / Conference Presentations:

2007 'Notions of Design and Synthesis' - Invited Talk
Pecha Kucha, Dansk Arkitektur Center, Copenhagen Denmark

2007 'Explorations in Persistent Modelling' - Invited Talk
Eyebeam, NYC, USA

2006 'Complexity From the Ordinary' - Paper Presentation [proceedings published on website]
Complexity of the Ordinary. The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Copenhagen, Denmark

2006 'Digital Representations / Analogue Realisations' - Invited Paper Presentation [published proceedings]
Responsive Architectures [Subtle Technologies]. Toronto, Canada

2006 'Interfaces for Digital / Analogue Circularity' - Invited Paper Presentation
Spatial Interface. University of Westminster, London, UK

2006 'Constructing the Specific' - Paper Presentation
[published proceedings]
GameSetandMatch II. TU Delft, The Netherlands

2006 'Time-Based Transformative Architectures'
The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Copenhagen, Denmark

2005 'Making Practices' - Keynote Speaker (Double Bill with Phylida Barlow)
Research Spaces Conference. Slade+Bartlett, UCL, London

2005 'Making a Difference' - 'Work-in-Progress' Paper Presentation
Smart Architecture Conference. ACADIA 2005, Savannah, Georgia, USA

2005 'Magic and Architecture' - Stephen Gage, Phil Ayres
Fakultat fur Architektur, University of Innsbruck, Austria

2005 'Sixteen*(makers) and the Kielder Residency'
Architecture Week. Queen's Hall, Hexham, UK

2002 'A Year in the Making' - sixteen*(makers)
Lowe International Lecture Series. Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, UK

2001 sixteen*(makers) invited amongst a group of speakers
EVOLUTION - Architecture and Interface. Leeds International Film Festival, UK

2001 'sixteen*(makers)'
Brighton School of Architecture, UK

Professional Seminars:

2002 'Design Frameworks for Responsive Architectures'
Continued Professional Development (CPD) seminar at ORMS architects.


2005 Architectural Design (vol. 75 no.3). GETTING SPECIFIC
Article describing design methodology for the sixteen*(makers) Kielder Resisdency.
Written by Phil Ayres.

Article in exhibition catalogue. Written by Nick Callicott.

2003 Architectural Design (vol. 73 no.1). SITE LINES .
Publication of built treehouse project (Ayres, Gage). Written by Stephen Gage.

2002 Frame (issue 26). RESPONSIVE BEHAVIOUR
Profiling the 'Blusher' project (sixteen*(makers)). Written by Will Jones

2001 Architectural Design (vol. 71 no.1). SIXTEEN*(MAKERS)
Description of two projects exploring fused-deposition modelling and bespoke folded steel plate fabrications. Written by sixteen*(makers)

Article in exhibition catalogue. Written by Claire Melhuish.

Refereed Journal Papers:

2007 The Origin of Modelling.
Ayres, P.
Kybernetes (vol.36:9/10:1225-1237)

2004 Making a Wall.
Cruise, R. & Ayres, P.
Design, Computing and Cognition '04 (275-293)

2000 The Use of Heat Pumps to Induce Airflow on Hot Days in Otherwise Passive Ventilation Systems - A Zonal Modelling Approach.
Gage, S., Ayres, P. & Axon, J.
Indoor+Built Environment (9:127-142)

Reviewing / Refereeing:

2008 Book proposal reviewer. [Taylor & Francis]

2007 Book proposal reviewer. [Taylor & Francis]

2007 ACADIA paper referee for Expanding Bodies conference.

2007 Kybernetes Journal paper referee. [Emerald]

2005 Architectural Design proposal reviewer. [Wiley Academy]

2005 Paper referee for Architecture Research Quarterly. [Cambridge Journals]


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