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The international journal of cybernetics, systems and management sciences

[special double issue focusing on cybernetics and design]
'The Origin of Modelling'

Ayres, P.

Ranulph Glaville [ed.]

Emerald Group Publishing, Bingley, UK. 2007.
Vol 36, Issue 9/10. pp.1225-1237

ISSN: 0368-492X
ISBN: 978-1-84663-656-1

[accessible via ATHENS from journal website]

Complexity of the Ordinary

The Royal Academy of Fine Arts
School of Architecture
Copenhagen, Denmark

[conference website -
full proceedings available]
'Complexity From the Ordinary'

Ayres, P.

Responsive Architectures -
Subtle Technologies '06

Toronto, Canada

[conference website]
'Digital Representations / Analogue Realisations'

Ayres, P.

Beesley, P., Hirosue, S., Ruxton, J., Trankle, M. & Turner, C. [eds.]

Riverside Architectural Press, Waterloo, CA. 2006.

ISBN: 0-9780978-0-7

[this is a synopsis of the invited conference presentation - it forms the abstract to the paper 'Complexity From the Ordinary']

Game Set and Match II

TU Delft, The Netherlands

[conference website]
'Constructing the Specific'

Ayres, P.

Oosterhuis, K. & Feireiss, L. [eds.]

Episode Publishers, Rotterdam. 2006. pp.314-321

ISBN: 9059730364

Smart Architecture -

SCAD, Savannah, Georgia, USA

[conference website]
'Making a Difference'

Ayres, P.

['work-in-progress' paper - unpublished]

Design Through Making -
Architectural Design
'Getting Specific'

Ayres, P.

Sheil, B. [ed.] vol.75 no.4.

Wiley Academy, London. 2005. pp.58-65

ISBN: 0-470-09093-6

Design Computing and Cognition '04


[conference website]
'Making a Wall'

Cruise, R. & Ayres, P.

Gero, S. [ed.]

Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston. 2004.

ISBN: 1-4020-2392-8

Indoor+Built Environment
[accepted 05/05/2000]
'The Use of Heat Pumps to Induce Airflow on Hot Days in Otherwise Passive Ventilation Sytems -
A Zonal Modelling Approach'

Gage, S., Ayres, P. & Axon, J.

Indoor and Built Environment 2000;9:127-142

[accessible online]

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