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* unit description:

Unit 14 is a post-graduate diploma unit within the Bartlett School of Architecture.
The unit forms the hub of the Interactive Architecture Workshop [ IAW ]. The IAW comprises a wide network of past students in practice [or running practices of their own], artists, programmers, and others with particular and hybrid specialisms.

The unit agenda is to explore notions and implications of time-based architectures in the broadest possible sense. It provides the space and support for students to explore speculative research questions of their own within this agenda.

Students are encouraged to develop their own appropriate methods of exploration and experimentation. These have included speculative drawings, animations, programming, film, choreography, performance, fabrication, amongst many others.

We encourage students to test their ideas at 1:1, either as fragments, or as complete installations.

For more information please visit the unit pages within the Bartlett's website.


* exhibition 2007:

Congratulations to all 10 of our graduating fifth year students, and also our fourth years who now graduate to fifth year...

Once again the work showed great commitment, exceptional quality, and tremendous diversity - a hint of which can be viewed below [click on the labels to open].

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internal view 2
internal view 3
internal/external view 4
external view 5
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